Chris Tittle
Director / Producer
Bodhi Dog

Chris Tittle is an award winning artist, internationally published author and filmmaker. He won an Emmy® as co-producer for the TV show The Good Food Factory, a show he directed.  Chris is co-creator, director, editor, cameraman and graphic artist for the Connective Alchemy TV show.


A key part of the Soapbox Video creative team, Chris wears many hats - from writing and graphic design to filming and editing. He has also written and directed several short films for his company Mantra Productions.

Bodhi keeps us young and active. He likes to shnuggle and is obsessed with chasing a green tennis ball all over the mountain. He continues to believe that he is actually a lap dog and is hard to refuse when he wants to climb up in your lap  for a sit.


The pic was taken at Dog Beach, Del Mar - Bodhi loves to frolic with the waves and the other doggies.


Soapbox Video is a team of creative professionals who enjoy bringing your vision to life.
This is who we are and what we do....
Ron Franklin
Co-Founder & CEO
Lencsi Angel
Co-founder & Producer

Lencsi is the Emmy® winning co-founder of Soapbox Video, a production company dedicated to creating media that helps raise the consciousness of the planet.


She was a producer on The Good Food Factory TV show on COX Cable, produced the DVD Whale Yoga for Children with Jodi Komitor and the DVD QiGong for Self Healing with Sifu Jenny Lamb.

Ron Franklin is an Emmy® winning producer and co-founder of Soapbox Video. His roles include music composer, video producer, editor, writer, show host and web designer.


Ron earned a Master of Music degree and has been a college teacher in Classical Music and in Audio Production at Texas Tech University, The University of Akron, Midland College, and the University of Southern California.

“We're a small creative production company with a passion for crafting video and music that make you say Wow! We can come in at any phase from development & production to video post & music - when you want to move your project forward, let's meet" 

Ron Franklin, CEO Soapbox Video

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