Some of the projects we've created:

Connective Alchemy


Created by Chris Tittle and Ron Franklin, Connective Alchemy is a TV show that explores the relationships between the forces shaping the universe and the forces within our human body-mind.


How can we measure the effects of energetic practices and devices on the human biofield? What are the esoteric achievements of the great masters and how can we understand and duplicate these?


These are some of the questions we invite you to explore with us.

Maui Breeze ​​
by Ron Franklin
This is my love song to the beautiful island of Maui. The video was shot at Puamana on the west coast of Maui near Lahaina.
The lovely and very talented Wainani Kealoha provided the Hula interpretation of the lyrics.Thanks to producer
Lencsi Angel for the inspiration and for making it all possible. Director Chris Tittle evokes the feeling of those old Hawaiian postcards from the 60s.
© 2012 by Soapbox Multimedia


AxBattles - Music Video​​
This music video for the online music site AxBattles.com was shot at The Belly Up on Solana Beach California.
We had a great time getting the live rock club vibe going in a loud and colorful way.
We also produced a series of more than 50 music instruction videos that teach how to play the most awesome guitar solos of the rock guitar universe!


Local Inseason & Organic​​

© 2012 by Ron Franklin


This music video was created for The Good Food Factory TV show, a healthy cooking show for kids on COX Cable in San Diego.


Soapbox Multimedia worked with host Amanda Mascia to produce 15 episodes of the show.


Ron Franklin, Lencsi Angel, Chris Tittle and Amanda all received Emmy awards for Outstanding Achievement in Childrens Programming!

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