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Welcome to Connective Alchemy


Exploring the blissful awareness of the

fundamental unity of all existence.


Join us as we travel the Cosmos.

From the Heart of the Universe

to the Universe of the Heart.

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Connective Alchemy explores the relationships between the forces shaping the universe and the forces within our human body-mind.


Learn more about the show, it’s creators and crew, and how you can get involved.

Connect to each show and the background of each subject - every episode, segment and guest. This is an archive of Connective Alchemy episodes and selected segments from the shows.


The transformative alchemy is in the connections - plug in and fire up!

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The stories we cover in the show are based on real-world methods, products and services that are bringing help to many - here is where you can tap into some of these amazing technologies.


Ancient wisdom and cutting edge research have come together to produce powerful products that can positively affect your well-being.

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