Episode 1: The Human Biofield

Summary: In this show, we demonstrate that our human energetic field extends beyond the limits of our bodies using an electronic instrument called a Theremin.


A segment called “The Alchemical Hand” gives information on using the hands in cultivation practice and teaches a brain re-patterning exercise using the fingers.


A “Did You Know” segment provides info on the Human Biofield. We introduce Energy Healing and interview organizational Psychologist turned Energy Healer Marijo Puleo, PhD concerning Integrative Medicine.


We introduce Psy-Tek Laboratory and interview Bob Hertz and Dr. Gaetan Chevalier to discover how we can measure the Human Biofield.


With the participation of healer Paramahansa Jagadish and Dr. Chevalier, we measure the effects of an energy healing session using the GDV machine – with remarkable results!


In conclusion, we’ve demonstrated that our energy has effects beyond our bodies and that healers can create measurable positive effects in the biofield of another person – proof indeed of Connective Alchemy.

Episode 1: Complete Show

Episode 1: Segments

The Human Biofield


The Body Energetic

Did You Know?

The Alchemical Hand

Internal Alchemy

Dr. Marijo Puleo

Psy-Tek Laboratories

Episode 1: The Complete Show

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