About The Show

Lisa M. van Es is a published writer and international photo artist whose passion for exploring the intersection of quantum physics and esoteric wisdom has led her to visit the Himalayan temples of Nepal, Shamanic dream cultures of the Amazon, and Kiswalhili tribes of East Africa. She holds of Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology from the University of California at San Diego and during her successful career in biotech she specialized in commercializing technologies in the field of applied genomics while impacting all levels of healthcare.


Lisa still serves as an independent consultant for cutting edge healthcare technologies and in 2011 she helped pioneer a clinical trial bringing non touch energy healing modalities into Western medicine. Lisa now applies her scientific and business experience towards conscious media projects while advancing her training in Pranic Healing, Meditation, and Kung Fu.

Created by Chris Tittle and Ron Franklin, Connective Alchemy explores the relationships between the forces shaping the universe and the forces within our human body-mind.


How can we measure the effects of energetic practices and devices on the human biofield? What are the esoteric achievements of the great masters and how can we understand and duplicate these? These are some of the questions we invite you to explore with us.

Chris Tittle is the co-creator, director, editor, cameraman and graphic artist for Connective Alchemy. An award winning artist, internationally published author and filmmaker, Chris has spent over thirty years pursuing answers to life's deepest mysteries. He has a passion for finding the common essence of the many systems and traditions available today.


Chris has worked with some of the planet's most incredible teachers and profound individuals in the realms of cutting edge science, spirituality, healing and new thought. Along with his teacher (and close friend) Max Christensen, he helped popularize the ancient, secret Taoist practices of the Kunlun Nei Gung™ system worldwide and is himself an advanced internal arts practitioner and Kunlun Nei Gung™ facilitator who continues to teach in his spare time.


Chris' two short films are available to view here: SPIRAL | STRAWMAN

Cast and Crew

Ron Franklin is the co-creator, head writer and host for the show. A lifelong student of the esoteric secrets of life, he began yoga studies in 1974 with the Light of Yoga Society in the U.S. and in Kashmir, India. He has read widely and studied with various masters in Yoga, Vajrayana Buddhism, Taoist energy practices, Unified Field Theory Physics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the Reconnection and other disciplines.


Ron holds a Master of Music degree and has been a college teacher in Classical Music and in Audio Production at Texas Tech University, The University of Akron, Midland College, and the University of Southern California.

Chris Tittle, Director

Ron Franklin, Host

Lencsi Angel is a media producer, counselor, teacher and light worker who spent 30 years teaching school in Illinois and California. She holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Masters Degree in Education from San Diego State University. She serves on the Board of Directors of New World Leadership Academy, a progressive private school in Encinitas, CA.


Lencsi is co-founder of Soapbox Multimedia, a production company dedicated to creating media that helps raise the consciousness of the planet. She produced the DVD Whale Yoga for Children with Jodi Komitor and the DVD QiGong for Self Healing with Sifu Jenny Lamb. Lencsi brings a bright and positive energy to productions and applies the principles of Spiritual Psychology to help create transformational media like the Connective Alchemy show.

Lencsi Angel, Producer

Lisa Van Es, Researcher